Meeting Death

Sakura’s POV

Death looks straight at me. If it had eyes, it would be looking at me dead in the eyes, if you pardon the expression. I look straight back at death, unafraid. We stare at each other for quite awhile in a mutual silence. It’s not the creepy kind of silence, mind you. It’s a peaceful silence. I sigh. Never thought I would ever come face to face with it but here I am. I’ve dealt with very strange situations before but this one seems to take the cake.

“You’re early.” Death finally says.

“No point in delaying the inevitable.” I answer.

Most mortals fear death. I welcome it with open arms. I know. I’m a very strange creature, aren’t I? It’s the end of my mortal life, yes, but it’s the beginning of another life entirely. It could be the beginning of an afterlife or the beginning of a new mortal life, depending where Death puts me. For all I know, I could begin a journey in the Underworld and face trials for my actions when I was under the command of the Dark Kingdom. I guess I’m about to find out. The shrouded creature before me is the one with the answers.

Death looked at the young woman before it. It knew that it made the right choice. Adachi Sakura would succeed it in the form of a Sailor Scout, a Scout of the Night and of Death. Her destiny had been written the day she was created by a general of the Dark Kingdom. She would wield her power rightly and justly. She would be a protector of the innocent and the destroyer of sinners. Yes. She would do just nicely.

“I made the right choice.”

Sakura looked startled as Death handed its scythe to her. At first, confusion clouded her face but then she understood that it meant to pass on its legacy to her. Slowly, she took the weapon into her hands and held onto it tightly, feeling the dark power of death flowing through her. The dark creature could tell that she relished its familiar power. If it could smile, it would do so.

“I think you know what to do.”

The young woman nodded and Death took its leave.


“What happened here?” Usagi asks. Usagi and I escaped using Pluto’s time key to La Push and there’s nothing left but death and destruction. We came across one survivor of the mass slaughter, Jacob Black, as he struggled with breathing. With the power of the silver crystal, we healed him. He explained that his pack […]