New Blood


‘Where are you, Katsuhiko?’

A hoard of youmas have come flooding into Tokyo, along with some creatures called Dopants (specifically Taboo and Terror). Those guys have really unusual abilities to say the least, much like Katsuhiko. To be honest, I’d take the horde of youmas any day of the week all things considered. Oh, hell, I’d rather fight Katsuhiko himself rather than this. At least I’d stand more of a chance against him.


“Katsuhiko!” Usagi cries.

Ever since meeting him, Usagi has a very strong and a very clear attraction to him. Heh. She’s always attracted to the ones with the dark and sad past. Her light illuminates their darkness, just as she had illuminated my own soul. She made me feel human despite my own dark beginning and I think that’s why Katsuhiko is so crazy about her. He’s attracted to her light.


What is that jerk doing? Doesn’t he see we need major help down here? Fuck. He’s not paying attention to her, which is odd for him. Something else must have his attention. Damn it. I don’t want to leave Usa in the face of danger but she needs Katsuhiko. If I can just bust through this hoard of monsters…


It’s just another day at the office as a Sailor Scout. I’m either preventing robberies and murderers or beating the crap out of youmas. The best part about fighting youmas is that I can decapitate them without hesitation. I can’t exactly do that with humans, ya know so youmas are the next best thing.

As the Scout of the Night, I’m usually the one running patrols in the night. It’s only appropriate and, besides, the night is my playground and I’m far more powerful in the dark rather than in the daytime. I will admit, though, I’ve been doing a lot of fighting as of late. The number of youmas have unexpectedly increased and that worries me. Furthermore, there have been other strange creatures roaming in the area and it frustrates me that I don’t know what they are. I have killed one here and there, including one that had murdered Usagi’s significant other, Mamoru Chiba. The monster froze him to death. It shattered Usagi greatly as it did me. I had failed in my duty of protecting innocent people.

My fellow companions have assured me that it was not my fault, but I can’t help but feel otherwise. Even Usagi, despite her pain, had told me that her lover’s death was not my fault. We had encountered something strange and unexpected. We had no idea of its abilities and suffered a fatality as a result of this new creature. She’s right, of course. There was no way we could have known what it could do, much less know what it was. All we know that it wasn’t part of the Negaverse.

Speaking of the Negaverse, they had created me. I was never meant to become a Sailor Scout. As a matter of fact, I had been created to stop and destroy them so the Negaverse could obtain the Silver Crystal for their own. I had been the one to murder Sailor Moon that fateful night, along with her companions. I had ripped her heart straight out of her chest before obtaining the crystal. It was at that very moment, when the lights left her eyes, that I realized what I had done. I had destroyed a very precious soul with her equally precious friends. Beryl tried to steal the crystal from me to take for herself but, in my grief and sorrow, I struck her down.

I made a vow that I would set things straight and that I would repent for the ugly murders I had committed. The crystal had sensed my intentions and vows and purified me. I hadn’t expected to be spared. In fact, I had expected it to destroy me for what I had done. No. It granted me the powers of a Sailor Scout…a scout that had never meant to exist. Because of that unexpected twist, I was able to destroy the dark miasma that covered the sky and save the planet. The lives that I had destroyed that night were revived.

“F*** that, s***.” I murmur.

Now I live my life as Adachi Sakura with normal problems a young woman could probably have…mainly hormones and men. Ugh. Forget about money and zits. It’s hormones and men, god damn it…and I’m not even a teenager. For once, just once, I would like to have men interested in the woman that I am and not look at me as a woman to conquer. F*** that.

“Well, that’s done.”

The last youma is finally gone and I can finally go home.

“Hm? What’s this? A new presence?”

An unusual aura that I have never felt before has entered Tokyo. It’s not threatening. Far from it. It’s cold, distant…and sad.

Chapter 1–Welcome to Hell

This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Twilight Angel” I can’t believe I’m putting myself through hell. By Hell, I mean going back to high school. I lived far too long as a manic-depressive zombie after losing all of my trusted friends and companions in the battle against Chaos. Chaos had been defeated […]