A WereLiger’s Love Chapter 3: Welcome to my Hell

Chapter 3: Welcome to my Hell (Kassius POV)


The Day before the Liger Slaughter


7 AM


The sound of birds outside the house woke me as oppose to my usual wake-up method. I stretched careful not to move my right arm too much. Like usual I reached for my constant companion a small bottle, I twisted the top off and reached in and grabbed two pills and popped them in my mouth then downed half a glass of water and waited for the pills to take effect.


When I felt the familiar numbness I gently placed my injured right arm between my legs and counted to three and snapped my wrist back in place and I screamed in pain.


“One down…two to go.” I said to myself.


I soon snapped the other two bones in place screaming all the while…let me back up here to fill you in on my predicament.


My name is Kassius Geoffrey Truesdale and I am seven yes, seven years old.  I was born August 19, 1980. I have long brown hair like a mother it goes to the base of my neck, and my mother’s light blue eyes.


I would love to say I live with a family that loves me and I feel safe and all that other fairy tale crap but I don’t. I live with a broken family that hates me, I live with a father that abuses me mentally and blames me for my Mother’s death when I was born, my uncle Rick abuses me physically beating me, breaking my bones…I’m alone I suffer alone in the dark cold basement with a candle as my only source of light and heat. My ‘room’ is pretty much a twenty inch by fifteen inch room with no window or bed and a locked door and only a bucket for bathroom usage.


I am also underfed only going on one meal a day plenty of water though because the sick pricks don’t want me to die so quickly and my one meal is pretty big so that’s why I haven’t died of starvation yet but the lack of food is slowly making me lose my mind.


Now you’re probably asking they have to let me out sometime right? For School…they don’t I don’t go to School. Everything I learned I learned through Books I’ve stolen from upstairs, I’ve learned to read, write, do math everything through books but it always came with a price…more punishment for me.


The Man called my Father never touched me it’s my uncle Rick who carries out these punishments. In seven years I’ve had both of my Legs broken, one of my Ankles, cracked a four ribs, broke two, broke three fingers two on my left hand and one on my right, my right wrist, dislocated most of my right arm and of course the burns on my hands.


I’ve not had an easy life. There are times where I pray that somebody stops this, or my torturers get fed up and just kill me but lately I feel like something, a feeling really, is telling me this will get better eventually but until then all I can do is sit silently and wait in the darkness of my hell.


“I want out.” I whisper in despair as my eyes closed.


The Next Day


The sound of the front door slamming close woke me from my sleep.


“Oh good their back.” I whisper sarcastically.


“It seems the little bastard finally learned to stay in his cave.” Uncle Rick said.


“I don’t think so Rick.” My Dad’s voice called from the kitchen.


“Shit.” I whispered.


I woke last night and I made myself a snack and I thought I put everything away but I didn’t or I must have put it in the wrong spot.


“Oh well I was going to beat his ass anyway now I have a reason.” Uncle Ric said as he undid his belt.


I began shuddering. I hate getting the belt because Uncle Rick doesn’t just hit across the back he hits me in the arms, legs, shoulders, back, neck and my head.


I hear him coming down the stairs and I hear something else not just the belt. I hear the door open and a click of a flashlight.


“Come out, come out wherever you are you little Bastard. I brought a new toy today and it’s going to make you wish you stayed downstairs.” Uncle Ric called out.


Soon he found me and flashed his light in my eyes and I cringed back from the light like a Vampire and covered my eyes.


“Ah I love how you hate light like spectre it makes you docile.” Uncle Ric said as he hung his light up where it was still shining on me.


With one eye closed I look at Ric and I see his belt in one hand and…is that a Police Baton.


“God help me.” I said softly.


“No Kassius, God don’t help Sinners like you.” Ric said as he started forward.


Two hours later


I painfully opened my eyes to see one of my eyes had swollen shut. I hurt all over. First thing I noticed was my pill was gone…no numbness for me.


I ran my hand down my face and I knew my left eye was swollen shut, my right cheek busted up and I felt dried blood on my cheek and coming from my mouth.


It hurt to breath and I could move my arms or legs.


“I want out. Please somebody let me out.” I whispered.


Meanwhile in Somewhere in Great Britain Home Base of the Order of the Circle


(Unknown POV)


Here I sit on in my chair waiting for the meeting to end.


“I want out. Please somebody let me out.” A voice whispered from somewhere.


I started crying as I felt this voice’s pain, loneliness and longing.


“Arch Mage Theresa are you alright?” one of the Grand Warlocks asked.


“Sorry Master Son-Nova. I’m fine. I just felt a disturbance in Mother Gaia.” I replied.


Mother Gaia is what gives life to all Beings and a source of our (Witches, Warlocks, Sorcerer and Sorceress) power.


“What is it? The Wolves? Unicorns? Daegon and her tribe?” Master Ariequa question.


“A Hume.” I whispered.


A cry of distain came from most of the Council.


“A Hume? You’re in tune with a Hume! Those pathetic Humes are ones responsible to our mother Planet being the way it is. I think one less Hume in the world is good-“


“Silence!” Master Son-Nova shouted out. “It seems this Councils forgets we were granted our powers to protect all life including the Humes. So Arch Mage Theresa I leave the handling the Hume to you. The rest of this council will not interfere.”


I nodded.


“This Council Meeting is adjourned.” Master Son-Nova declared.


The Twelve of us got up from our Seats and we all went our separate ways and I was hoping I could get to the hume in time.


“Hold on little Hume help is on the way, I just hope I am not too late maybe I should ask Terra and his family for help.” I thought to myself.


I walked to my home and I looked to my memory wall and I looked longingly at a picture. The Picture was of my old girlfriend Azealia the Sorceress and I… Azealia has always been a bit a lone wolf and rebel to her Mother Gaia’s cause. She would support me even though a Hume killed her parents.


“I mustn’t lollygag long I have a Hume to save and who knows maybe one day Azealia and I can finally talk about what drove a wedge between us because I still love her.” I whisper softly.


Now time to prepare to do my good deed for the month. I ran to the bathroom removing my clothes as I went and got into my shower and I washed my body and strawberry blond hair.


When I was done showering I toweled off and summoned my Warlock robe to me along with my favorite outfit: a light beige long sleeve shirt, a brassier underneath that, brown leather pants and thigh high brown leather boots with stockings underneath my boots.


When I was dressed I used my magic to gently place myself into my robe as I like showing off and I admired my Hume reflection in the mirror.


To my knowledge I am the only Hume Warlock on the Council. I walked to my weapons chest and opened it and pulled out a Short Sword and I kissed the sheath and placed it inside my robe.


“I look like a sexy badass. Azealia would totally do me if she saw me now.” I said with a smile.


With a smile still in place I raced outside and straddled my Motorcycle and whispered. “Time to fly.” And off I went to go save my Hume and hopefully get my future wife back in my arms again.

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