Kamen Rider Departed Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Shinsuke Okada (Shinsuke POV)


I started to woke up slowly when I heard a moan and two pairs of breasts poking me in the chest and back. My name is Shinsuke Okada and well…


“Shinsuke…Shinsuke wake up. Get you hookers up and get them out of here Jesus.” A woman’s voice shouted from downstairs.


That’s Melanie “Milly” Blanchard my best friend. If you haven’t guessed by now… I’m a player. I’ve slept with every Girl in my class while I still went to College apart from Milly. Before you ask no, I didn’t not sleep with her because she is not attractive. Milly is beautiful light blond hair, beautiful eyes one blue and one green. She was born with Heterochromia iridum, she has a body of a swimsuit model and b-cup breasts but us being together felt weird to me and I told her as much and she agreed.


“Make her go away.” One of the blond babes with a moan.


“Oh for the love of Christ. Shinsuke if I have to come up there I will grab your skanks by the hair and toss them out I don’t care if their naked!” Milly shouted.


I sit up and look at the two blond now and I look to the one on the right Billie, I think?


“Billie?” I asked.


“I’m Keira, that’s Billie.” The blond I asked replied.


Keira, Billie who gives a shit.


“Look you have to leave Milly doesn’t threatened lightly. Last woman I slept with Milly threw her out the window and Milly don’t get to you Sakura will.” I replied.


Sakura Adachi my other best friend. She has long violet hair and violet eyes to match, Sakura is the better fighter between her and Milly, Sakura comes from a family of Warriors going all the way back to the age of the Samurai. The Adachi clan served under Lord Shingen Takeda, Sakura herself trained in the art of war handed down from generation to generation and schooled herself with several weapons with her best being a Bow and Staff. May as well point out she taught me as well not weapons though straight up hand-to-hand…she hits hard is all I will say.


My life wasn’t easy, I lost my dad early on after my sister Oichi Okada was born and my mom well she was not all there for Oichi and I and that’s when I meet the Adachi family. Sakura’s Mom, Reiko Adachi looked after Oichi, while I wasted my childhood away getting arrested and put in Juvi multiple times. Only having Mayor Adachi better known to me Katsuyori Adachi, bail me out more often than not.


It took me nearly drowning at the tender age of eleven by falling through the ice one winter to turn my life around and with Sakura’s help found inner peace. Fast forward to now I am twenty-seven years old and live with Milly and Sakura in Detroit, Michigan.


“Shinsuke? You awake?” Sakura said calmly as she made her way up the stairs.


“Oh shit.” I whispered.


“What?” one of the twins asked.


“You have to get dressed right now before-” I started to say but was interrupted by the door being kicked open.


“Oh is the famous Oichi? She looks nothing like you? Probably a whore looking handout.” Keira replied.


I slapped my hand over my face after I saw a flash of anger in Sakura’s eyes. That was the dumbest thing she could have possibly said.


I subtly got up and walked over to the window and opened and looked down to find the usual catching apparatus for this situation a rather large tank used mostly for swimming.


“Who is she?” Billie asked a little frightened she must be the sensible one.


“Ladies meet Sakura Adachi.” I said as I got out of the bed and walked to window and looked down knowing full well how this was going to play out.


“Milly.” Sakura said.


“Do let’s.” she said in her best Mr. Hyde impression.


With that I stepped out if the way and watched as both Milly and Sakura grabbed the brainless bimbos and tossed them out the window into the tank below.


“And stay out!” Milly shouted slamming the window shut.


I walked over to my bed as Sakura turned to look at me bundling up the twin’s clothes to throw them in a box labeled burn.


“Why can you never find a woman who has all of her brain cells?” Sakura asked.


I shrugged.


“Look. Oichi will be here soon to go with you to go visit her. She doesn’t like seeing you like this so get cleaned up and don’t mention it.” Sakura replied.


I nodded solemnly. Oichi and I are going to see our mother in the old age home. Our mother is forty-nine years old but years of drug and alcohol abuse destroyed her brain. She started when I was 11, I guess I can be blamed for mother turning to alcohol and drugs to cope while I was in the hospital. I became the primary guardian for Oichi at the age of nineteen.


I walked out of my room and into the bathroom.


“Take it easy on him Sakura you know how he is today of all days.” Milly said softly.


“No, your right Milly. I can’t be hard on him today. It must be hard knowing your mother is just your reach and you can’t get to her.” Sakura replied.


“It is hard.” Milly agreed.


I closed the bathroom door cutting off the conversation. Milly understands what Oichi and I are going through. Milly’s mom died five years ago, our mother’s were drinking buddies and her death seemed to help mom spiral down onto her dark path.


Dad was a different story. Kilian Devin better to known to his friends as Kevin was a United States Marine living at Kyoto, Japan when he met and fell in love with Jade Okada, they dated and married a good two years before I was born and four years later Oichi was born and my father got called to Afghanistan and did come back…KIA. I wear his dog tag proudly.


I stripped my clothes off and got into the hot water to have a shower. As the mist from the water enveloped me I couldn’t stop the memory coming. A memory of the time when I knew I had to step up childhood was over for me.


Flashback 23 years ago


            I remember I see my mom slumped on the couch just staring off into space. I tried to get her attention a few times but I may as well been talking to a wall and in coat in her room I can hear Oichi screaming and crying. I went into her room and she was wailing and squirming. I looked at her trying to figure out what was wrong with her and I remembered my mom would feed her milk from a bottle that were always pre-made so I tried that…yeah that didn’t work.


            Oichi screamed for an hour while I paced around racking my brain trying to figure out a solution until I remembered Mom had only one number on her cellphone and I “borrowed” her phone and dialed Reiko Adachi, who came over first assessing my mom then helping me with Oichi getting her calm and peaceful before placing her in my arms.


            It was almost like she sensed me, her eyes opened and we locked eyes and we stared at each other for five minutes before her little fist wrapped around my pinkie finger and she put it in her mouth.


“It’s okay Oichi, I’ll always be here for you…I promise.” I said softly.


Flashback over


“Shinsuke, Oichi just called she’ll be here in fifteen minutes hurry up.” Sakura shouted.


I shook my head of the memory and I got out of the shower and walked to my bed room to see Milly made the bed for me placed some nice Blue jeans and white t-shirt and some socks, I walked to my drawer and grabbed a pair of boxers, dropped my towel and got dressed and combed my hair and went downstairs as a knock sounded at the front door.


I walked to the front door and opened it and there stood Oichi. Her light brown hair tied in a pony tail, her light blue eyes shone with unshed tears. She wore a white sunny dress that went passed her knees, her tanned skin glowed in the sun and she wore heels on her feet to make her closer to my height of six two.


“Come here.” I said softly holding my arms open.


Oichi ran into my arms and cried…I have to be strong for Oichi.   

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