Book Genre: Fiction

Chronicles Of A Treasure Hunter By Matthias Stormcrow

Summary: This story is about a group of University Students who came together for the same reason to ensure their school stays in business not just for them but for everyone of the Supernatural variety who lives there. Join them as they encounter their fellow Treasure Hunters, explore dangerous Temples and learn about priceless artifacts.

Insanity: A Glimpse Into a Dark Mind By Writinglover

Summary: Weird is the norm for Jenna. Jenna Silas is a young witch who recently started her job as a reporter. Using her gifts, she uncovers the truth hidden beneath lies and evasion. Now she has been given her first major assignment: interview domestic violence survivor, Annika Bryant, and the one responsible for the crime...her ex-husband, Lee. Nothing could prepare her when she meets the madman himself in prison. Soon, she finds herself on a journey to relive the night Annika had plotted her escape from the devil himself...


This is my OWN work! All characters in this story are mine. If you want to use any of my characters, please ask me first! Thank you! :-)