Book Genre: Writinglover

Twilight Night By Writinglover

Summary: A Sailor Scout (OC in place of Bella) is the new girl in Forks. Graceful and elegant, everyone wants to be her friend. She's a novelty and a puzzle to be least, in Edward's mind. What secrets does this girl hold? Follows the book somewhat. Excerpt from the book is inside to give you an idea where the story starts.


Twilight X Sailor Moon Crossover


I do NOT own either franchise. I just own Adachi Sakura/Sailor Night

Her Night Angel By Writinglover

Summary: When Adachi Sakura, a.k.a Sailor Night, comes across a feral being killing a human, her first instinct is to put him down. When they lock eyes, she sees a reflection of her old self in him and decides to take him back to the Sailor Scouts to teach him right from wrong as her queen once taught her. Watch as Dillon evolves from an animal to without feeling to a human who falls in love with a dark angel.

Shadows of the Moon by Writinglover

Summary: Edward is gone. The Cullens are gone. They just up and left just like that. Sakura deals with the pain by fighting ghosts of the past with precision and brutality. Then the boy with the brilliant smile, Jacob, walks her out of the shadows of despair. Watch Sakura as she fights her way through the darkness that has fallen upon her soul.

Sequel to "Twilight Night"


Twilight X Sailor Moon Crossover


I do not own the Twilight Saga, Sailor Moon or its characters. I only own Adachi Sakura

Sailor Night: Origins By Writinglover

Summary: This story focuses on my OC, Sailor Night, and how she came to be. Her history is a dark one but as she walks among us humans, she learns about love, life, and redemption. She also learns of forgiveness and repentance. Let us watch this girl, with dark beginnings, transform into something more.

His Sacred Moon Maiden By Writinglover

Summary: What do you get when a thief and a Sailor Scout cross each other's paths? Nothing but hilarity, chaos and romance! The newest Sailor Scout has been sent to Daisuke Niwa's hometown for a little relaxation and, instead, comes across a legend. What will she discover?

OC x Dark

Insanity: A Glimpse Into a Dark Mind By Writinglover

Summary: Weird is the norm for Jenna. Jenna Silas is a young witch who recently started her job as a reporter. Using her gifts, she uncovers the truth hidden beneath lies and evasion. Now she has been given her first major assignment: interview domestic violence survivor, Annika Bryant, and the one responsible for the crime...her ex-husband, Lee. Nothing could prepare her when she meets the madman himself in prison. Soon, she finds herself on a journey to relive the night Annika had plotted her escape from the devil himself...


This is my OWN work! All characters in this story are mine. If you want to use any of my characters, please ask me first! Thank you! :-)