Book Genre: Matthias Stormcrow

His Night Angel By Matthias Stormcrow

Summary: When Adachi Sakura, a.k.a Sailor Night, comes across a feral being killing a human, her first instinct is to put him down. When they lock eyes, she sees a reflection of her old self in him and decides to take him back to the Sailor Scouts to teach him right from wrong as her queen once taught her. Watch as Dillon evolves from an animal without feeling to a human who falls in love with a dark angel.

Chronicles Of A Treasure Hunter By Matthias Stormcrow

Summary: This story is about a group of University Students who came together for the same reason to ensure their school stays in business not just for them but for everyone of the Supernatural variety who lives there. Join them as they encounter their fellow Treasure Hunters, explore dangerous Temples and learn about priceless artifacts.

Back In Time By Matthias Stormcrow

Summary: After losing everything he cared about Kain Edward Cullen-Black the son of Renesmee and Jacob Black gets the chance to go back in time to save the family he lost and save the future from its grim fate.

And They Called Him A Zero — A Death Note Tale By Matthias Stormcrow

Summary: It’s been 45 years since the death of her Husband and the Birth of the day known around the City as The Zero Effect that Ashley Demonte, the Wife of Axel Demonte better known around the city as the vigilante Zero has decided to tell their family the truth of their Father and Grandfather and the life he lived.

Eternal Hero By Matthias Stormcrow

Summary: At the tender age of six Isabella Marie Swan saw her first monster, a Dopant and now sixteen years later she finds out there were more and only certain people can stop them and they are: Kamen Riders. Main riders: Eternal, Double, Accel and two more Riders main pairing Bella/O.C.

Night Angel: Borrowed Time by Matthias Stormcrow

Summary: When Dillon Belouve leaves behind his life in his beloved country of Canada to move to Japan to try and put his past behind him once arriving to his new school he meets the beautiful and cunning Sakura Adachi. Will he fall for her and let her in or will he decide to keep her out of his life to protect her from pain and suffering.