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There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

~Ernest Hemingway (BrainyQuote)

Life is hard.┬áLearning not to give into the pressure from your peers, society, and even those that are close to you to be something you’re not is one of the most difficult lessons that continues to retest you throughout the entirety of your life.

The sickened mainstream idea of how you should be, act, and cope has poisoned and oppressed the truest version of a soul. People have been taught to become a lab created diamond when they should be appreciated for the gems that they are.

Misfits Chasing Dreams is a place where we encourage individuals to be their truest self. We’re all about authenticity. We’re all about stripping off those layers, those masks, those disguises, and those limitations. We all own the title ‘Misfit’, because we are a part of a movement where society has deemed our flaws negatively and we’ve taken a stand against that misconception. Our flaws are what makes us special in our own way. Each of us like a snowflake — unique and one of kind, but nevertheless a snowflake.

Ernest Hemingway’s quote rings true. The simplicity in the statement is much more complex. It should be easy to write, because you are cutting yourself open to bleed out everything that you are yet it isn’t as easy as it should be. In fact, factors become obstacles that prevent you from being you whether it is you keeping up pretenses for various reasons.

As a writer, I have sat at my computer or laptop or blank piece of paper. I’ve tried to let it rip and let loose. Sometimes words to fly off the page. You aspire to be the next Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowlings, Stephen King, Terry Goodkind, or J.R.R Tolkien. You’re going to write next bestselling book in the genre if you follow this specific model patented by the authors that you pay tribute to by purchasing their books. While the best compliment is to aspire to be just like them, maybe it is time to aspire to be yourself as yourself and as a writer.

Stephen King’s books were inspired by actual events in his life. In his book On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft, he revealed exactly why he wrote certain books. His success was granted by his gifts as a storyteller, but it was his own experiences that led him to become successful.

As a writer and as a person, we must find our own voice in the masses of other voices. The only way to recognize your voice is to stop the incessant chatter of those other voices and look within.

Time to write. Time to bleed. Time to be you.

At Misfits Chasing Dreams, we offer a platform for Misfits to share their soul and chase dreams. Writinglover and I met on Hubpages.com, sharing the same love for paranormal/fantasy romance storytelling. We met through writing stories, but we developed an unbreakable friendship. That friendship and how we met is something we want to build a community around. We are branches from the tree. Our foundation is build on authenticity, truth, and growth.

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